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Off Topic: Your Thoughts Are Appreciated

This site can have a lot of fun stuff on here like setting up a silly petition trying to get Craig James fired and talking about sports. I have only done this a few times here on the site to talk sports, but since this community is so great and a topic I have shared before about my little boy JD and his service dog has an update. Well for those who follow me on twitter you might be aware of this situation about JD's service dog Magpie. She got into some snail bait which is highly poisonous. We had it on top of our grill in the backyard and she bumped the grill and knocked it over and she got into it.

So, we took her to the vet within about half an hour because she was having seizures. She has spent last night and tonight at the vet recovering. She is doing much better after having her stomach pumped, but she was given some valium and anesthesia to help her relax but those did not wear off as expected so she is unable to stand on all fours. Her back legs are an issue, but the doctor expects Magpie to come home tomorrow and she should be able to perform all her duties as a service dog.

We are hoping for the best and even though it has only been a month JD has really bonded with Magpie. He asked where she was last night and did not want to go to school today, and we explained the situation the best we could but being almost 4-years-old he doesn't quite get it.

Locally here Fox 13 ran a story about the latest with Magpie:

Thanks for taking the time to read this non-sports story. Also if you want to follow up with what's going on head over to Dog 4 Deeds.