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San Diego State Feels They Are Better Than Half Of Ranked Teams

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The San Diego State basketball team was to be in a rebuilding year after losing four starters and making a Sweet 16 NCAA tournament run last year. So far this year San Diego State is 8-2 and have beaten Arizona, Cal and the two best teams in Big West in Long Beach State and Santa Barbara. Their only loses have been at Baylor and to Creighton, both of which are unbeaten. Had San Diego State defeated Creighton they would be ranked and head coach Steve Fisher recognizes that, but he thinks San Diego State is as good as a lot of the ranked team:

"Had we won against Creighton (on Wednesday) we would have been ranked, so we only have ourselves to blame," said SDSU coach Steve Fisher, whose team plays at USD on Wednesday. "But we're probably as good if not better than half the teams that are ranked, I will say that. And that's the most important thing."

Looking at the rest of San Diego State's non-conference schedule they should be 14-2 once league play starts and be ranked in the 20s since the competition is not that great over the rest of the month.

If Fisher is right then we may not know until the Aztecs play UNLV and New Mexico which happen to be the Aztecs first two conference games.

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