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College Football Rankings 2011: TCU No. 15 In Coaches Poll

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The final regular season coaches poll is out and the TCU Horned Frogs were able to move up from the No. 17 to the No. 15 spot. That is key because the coaches poll is one-third of the BCS standings. I am surprised that they jumped Baylor who routed Texas whereas TCU beat UNLV a lesser team.

Also, Houston was dropped below TCU after loss, and that was not really expected by me. This is good news for TCU by being ranked this high because there is a shot that TCU can make their third-straight BCS bowl game, and be the first non-AQ school to go to a BCS bowl game without being undefeated. TCU is currently 10-2.


2 Alabama

3 Oklahoma State

4 Stanford

5 Oregon

6 Boise State

7 Arkansas

8 Wisconsin

9 South Carolina

10 Kansas State

11 Virginia Tech

12 Michigan

13 Michigan State

14 Clemson

15 TCU

16 Baylor

17 Houston

18 Georgia

19 Oklahoma

20 Nebraska

21 So. Miss

22 West Virginia

23 Penn State

24 Cincinnati

25 Florida State

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