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If College Football Had A Playoff: No. 5 Oregon Vs. No. 6 Arkansas

The thing about the Arkansas Razorbacks is that they are a good team, but when they go up against elite teams they fall flat. They played both the LSU and Alabama and lost both 38-14 and 41-17, respectively. However, they did beat Texas A&M, Clemson and South Carolina (minus Marcus Lattimore), all whom were ranked in the top-15 at the time of the game.

In this matchup, Arkansas should be able to put up some yards against the Oregon secondary which is 83rd in the nation in pass defense. Oregon is the more balanced of the two teams and are well above average in the running game and good enough in the passing game to be dangerous against most teams.

46.2 PPG 37.4 PPG
515.2 Total YPG 445.8 Total YPG
295.69 Rushing YPG 138.08 Rushing YPG
219.50 Passing YPG 307.8 Passing YPG
23.6 Points allowed per game 22.8 Points allowed per game
381.0 Yards allowed per game 371.4 Yards allowed per game
137.46 Rushing yards allowed per game 174.33 Rushing yards allowed per game
243.5 Passing yards allowed per game 197.1 Passing yards allowed per game
+9 Turnover margin +0 turnover margin
3.31 Sacks per game 1.83 Sacks per game

My prediction for this game is that Oregon would win 41 to 35.

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