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If College Football Had A Playoff: No. 3 Oklahoma State Vs. No. 7 Boise State

This game would be just amazing. The over/under would probably set at 80 and that would be conservative. The main difference between these two teams is that the Oklahoma State defense is not very good and ranked 107th in total defense.

However, Oklahoma State makes up for that with a plus 20 turnover margin and getting to the quarterback just over three times a game.

Boise State
Oklahoma State
43.3 PPG 49.3 PPG
483.1 Total YPG 557 Total YPG
172.75 Rushing YPG 170.75 Rushing YPG
310.30 Passing YPG 386.3 Passing YPG
18.3 Points allowed per game 26.2 Points allowed per game
315.6 Yards allowed per game 445.7 Yards allowed per game
110.0 Rushing yards allowed per game 180.08 Rushing yards allowed per game
210.8 Passing yards allowed per game 265.6 Passing yards allowed per game
+9 Turnover margin +20 turnover margin
1.67 Sacks per game 3.08 Sacks per game

What a matchup this would be and I know this sounds like being an MWC homer, but I think Boise State's defense would be the difference in this game. My final score prediction would be Boise State 48 Oklahoma State 44

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