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If College Football Had A Playoff: No. 2 Alabama Vs. No. 8 Kansas State

Kansas State had a knack at winning close games with an offense that was less than stellar. It all came down to Kansas State's Collin Klein who made the plays when they needed it, plus their defense was pretty good. However, Alabama's defense is really good and while I would not want to bet against Kansas State with Klein running their offense, but there is little chance their offense can keep pace with Alabama.

Kansas State
36.0 PPG 33.1 PPG
433.4 Total YPG 343.4 Total YPG
219.83 Rushing YPG 193.67 Rushing YPG
213.6 Passing YPG 149.80 Passings YPG
8.8 Points allowed per game 27.8 Points allowed per game
191.3 Yards allowed per game 398.8 Yards allowed per game
74.92 Rushing yards allowed per game 131.5 Rushing yards allowed per game
116.3 Passing yards allowed per game 267.3 Passing yards allowed per game
+6 turnover margin +13 turnover margin
2.17 Sacks per game 1.58 Sacks per game

However, I for some reason think that Collin Klein has the ability to make that one play when Kansas State needs it on third or fourth and short. At the very least Kansas State has the ability to keep the game close, but they would need an extraordinary performance from their defense.

My prediction is that Alabama wins 27-20 over Kansas State.

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