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Texas A&M Athletic Director Bill Byrne Is A Liar

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The title may have people scratching their head, but there is a reason behind it and its relation to a Mountain West team. I found a quote from Texas A&M athletic director Bill Byrne talking about the series between Texas A&M and Arkansas and if the two schools can still meet in Cowboys Stadium each year since both are now in the same conference.

Byrne tossed out this line that I am sure TCU fans would be irate about:

"We wanted to play Arkansas in the Metroplex," Byrne said. "We felt once we lost our contacts with TCU and SMU, we needed a presence in the Metroplex. We still think we do."

"Having said that, we need to talk to Arkansas and see whether they want to continue having a conference game in the Metroplex."

The reason TCU fans would be upset is because Texas A&M is the only former SWC school that TCU has not played. For whatever reason, Texas A&M has refused to schedule TCU it is partly due to Texas A&M not wanting to play true non-conference road games and TCU does not go for a one-time game. So, to say that Byrne has lost contacts at TCU is an outright lie, because he would have to have contacts there in the first place to lose them. It really is ridiculous that these two schools have not played each since 1994, well unless you count the old Bowl back in 2001.

Texas A&M moving to the SEC means the drought continues and maybe with the TCU in an automatic qualifying league the two maybe able to schedule a home and home. In the mean time the two could meet in the Cotton Bowl since the Big 12 and SEC have ties to go there. However, I do not see that happening because that means Texas A&M needs to be the third or fourth best team in the SEC and I do not see that happening for a long time.

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