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Chris Petersen Turns Down Penn State Head Coaching Job, No One Is Surprised

Give Penn State credit for trying a second time to land Boise State's Chris Petersen. However, once again Petersen said no to Penn State, and it is not a shock to anyone. Petersen's name is always mentioned with various jobs but the result is always the same with Petersen returning to Boise. Petersen was offered $4 million to take the UCLA job, but he said no and his name was floated with the Texas A&M opening and that is as far as it went.

It is seeming more and more likely that Petersen is a lifer at Boise State, even last year when he interviewed for the Stanford job he said no. That job was probably the one that Petersen would take since he is from Northern California and played his college football at UC-Davis.

It is not a bad thing for Petersen to say that he is comfortable at Boise State; he has built a national power, moving to the Big East in 2013 and makes close to $2 million a year at a job where there is not a ton of pressure compared to the other jobs he was linked to.

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