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If College Football Had A Playoff: No. 1 LSU Tigers Vs. No. 12 West Virginia

Round two is underway and the first matchup is a rematch between No. 1 LSU Tigers and No. 13 West Virginia Mountaineers. The last matchup saw LSU manhandle West Virginia 47-21 and that was on the road in Morgantown, and that score could be even bigger with this game being at Baton Rogue.

LSU West Virginia
38.5 PPG 34.9 PPG
375.3 Total YPG 459.6 Total YPG
215.5 Rushing YPG 217.75 Rushing YPG
160.2 Passings YPG 341.8 Passing YPG
10.5 Points allowed per game 26.3 Points allowed per game
252.1 Yards allowed per game 340.2 Yards allowed per game
85.46 Rushing yards allowed per game 140.58 Rushing yards allowed per game
166.6 Passing yards allowed per game 243.5 Passing yards allowed per game
+22 Turnover margin -2 Turnover margin
2.77 Sacks per game 2.33 Sacks per game

The end result should not be any different the second time around. West Virginia did lose to Syracuse and Louisville this year, and neither of those teams are anything too special.

My score prediction would be LSU 42 West Virginia 17.

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