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Hawai'i Bowl, Mountain West Reach Agreement To Send Team For 2012, 2013 Seasons

The Mountain West has picked up another bowl bowl game as the league has partnered with Shearton Hawai'i Bowl for the 2012 and 2013 bowl seasons. The Mountain West takes over the WAC tie-in due to the Hawai'i Warriors joining the Mountain West beginning in the 2012 season. The opponent will still be a Conference USA team and Hawai'i goes to this game if they are bowl eligible.

Here is a portion of the release from the Mountain West:

"We are very pleased to announce this agreement to participate in the Sheraton Hawai'i Bowl,which brings us back to five bowls slots and matches our number of bowl-eligible teams from the most recent five consecutive seasons" said Commissioner Craig Thompson. "This progressive step is also part of our institutions' blueprint for the future. It is a natural extension of the University of Hawai'i's membership,which begins next season,and our long, productive relationship with ESPN Regional Television."

There is no word on what team will take Hawai'i's spot if they are not eligible, but it probably will rank as the third or fourth bowl within the pecking order of the Mountain West's lineup.

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