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Louisville coach Rick Pitino Refuses to Schedule a Game with Boise State or San Diego State

Louisville coach Rick Pitino said he will never schedule a non-conference game against new Big East football-only members San Diego State and Boise State according to ESPN's Andy Katz. Last month Big East commissioner John Marinatto stated contractually that the Big East would negotiate in good faith with Boise State and San Diego to schedule home-and-home basketball agreements with member schools with a goal of four games per year — two home and two away. On December 6, Pitino couldn't praise Marinatto's negotiations enough in adding Boise State and San Diego into the Big East Conference and even mentioned that SDSU would "be a nice place to go" for basketball.

But now that the ink has dried on the agreement, Ricky is suddenly singing a different tune: "We would never schedule San Diego State or Boise State," Pitino is saying now. "We’ll play someone that makes sense geographically like Indiana."

That statement comes from a head coach from one of the present Big East members who is geographically one of the closest members to either San Diego State or Boise State, and who will probably be in the same Western Division of the league for football. That is disturbing considering that the Big East team does not have a problem scheduling patsies Fairleigh Dickenson, Tennessee Martin, and Butler and making sure nearly all preconference games give Louisville the home field advantage.

With the good faith articles of the contract with the Big East already in threat of being thrown under the bus, you have question what else might be in store for the Broncos and Aztecs by their new conference.