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Conference Realignment: San Diego Expects To Join Big East

It is now looking like the San Diego St. Aztecs are expecting to be joining the Big East as a football-only member. The money quote from the San Diego Union-Tribune (via Big East Coast Bias):

Chances are good that San Diego State will join the Big East Conference in football unless something unexpected derails their ongoing discussions, sources close to the situation have said.

That sounds pretty confident from the source and the only derailment would be that the Big East falls apart completely. There has been no formal invitation from the Big East and if San Diego State moves to the Big East it would not be until July 2013.

Also, the Aztecs will need to find a home for their other sports and it seems that the likely destination will be the Big West and maybe the WAC. Big West commissioner Dennis Farrell has not commented about this, but WAC commissioner did comment about San Diego State possibly joining the WAC:

"If and when the time is right to have that conversation, I would certainly welcome it."

We all know the WAC would take on San Diego State since they were a former member and the WAC needs to survive as a league.

The move would be a step up in cash as the current Big East television deal pays $3.7 million per year compared to just over $1.5 million from the Mountain West. Plus, with the Big West being the likely option for San Diego State and some feel that it is better for exposure because their games are on ESPN and Fox Sports; even though they are on less amount of times, but the theory is that there is room for growth with San Diego State in the league.

Looks like San Diego State has one foot out the door.

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