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Details Of New Mexico Head Coach Bob Davie's Contract, Buy Out, Perks Are Released

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Bob Davie is taking over the New Mexico Lobos head coaching job after spending a decade in the booth for ESPN, and if Davie can turn around New Mexico he will have done possibly the best coaching job in the country since New Mexico has been one of the worst programs in the country the past three years. When things get tough Davie can spend time and relax at a country club hitting the golf course for a release during the first year or two when things get tough. That country club membership is included in Davie's contract as is the use of a courtesy car. To note, former head coach Mike Locksley had two cars but no country club membership in his contract.

Davie will earn $700,000 during the first year and $760,000 for each of the following five years and his salary breaks down like this:

  • Base salary, $300,000.
  • Marketing, $150,000.
  • Radio/TV and appearances, $200,000.
  • Shoe/apparel contract, $100,000.

These items are on the offer sheet and is not the final contract which has yet to be finalized. The amount of money won't change but there could be additional bonuses not mentioned or perks such as a certain number of complimentary tickets to home football game, Locksley had 12 reserved seats per home game.

The assistant coaching staff will have a budget of $1.2 million in the first year and up to $1.3 million each year there after. Here is a breakdown if either side breaks the contract:
If Davie should terminate the contract, according to the term sheet, he or his next employer would owe UNM $760,000 if terminated in the first year, $650,000 in the second, $450,000 in the third and $250,000 the remainder of the contract.


If UNM were to terminate the contract for something other than cause, the school would owe Davie his remaining compensation for that year plus $760,000 for the first three years of the contract. Thereafter, the amount is reduced to $350,000.

Davies annual salary would rank him sixth among current Mountain West coaches.

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