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If College Football Had A Playoff: No. 10 Clemson Vs. No. 7 Boise State

The No. 10 seeded Clemson Tigers travel all the way across the country to face the No. 7 seeded Boise St. Broncos. This is one of the few times that Boise State will host a team from a BCS league on the blue turf. Clemson was ranked as high as No. 5 in the BCS standings when they were 8-0, but then lost three of their last four games prior to upsetting Virginia Tech in the ACC title game.

Clemson has the talent to be a good team, but for some reason or another they were blown out by an average North Carolina State team and a South Carolina who was without Marcus Lattimore.

If this matchup were to happen it likely would be a high scoring game, but I would lean toward Boise State. Boise State's offense is a little bit better then Clemson's, but it is more consistent. One stat tidbit to consider is when adjusted for strength of schedule Boise State comes out as the 10th best team and Clemson at No. 15.

Boise State
43.3 PPG 33.6 PPG
483.1 Total YPG 440.6 Total YPG
172.75 Rushing YPG 155.85 Rushing YPG
310.30 Passing YPG 284.8 Passing YPG
18.3 Points allowed per game 26.2 Points allowed per game
315.6 Yards allowed per game 379.4 Yards allowed per game
172.75 Rushing yards allowed per game 155.85 Rushing yards allowed per game
310.3 Passing yards allowed per game 284.80 Passing yards allowed per game
+9 Turnover margin +2 turnover margin
1.67 Sacks per game 1.85 Sacks per game

My predication is that Boise State would win 38 - 20 over Clemson. What are your predictions?

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