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Opt Out Clauses For San Diego State, Big East

Last week the details about Boise State's opt out clause for the Big East were known and now similar details have came out for San Diego State. The San Diego Union-Tribune obtained the details of the contract a lot are similar but there are a few differences. One big one is that San Diego State has to pay $500,000 to enter the league than Boise State. Here are some of the highlights:

--SDSU will pay an entry fee of $2.5 million, payable in five installments of $500,000 starting June 30, 2014. This contrasts with the reported $2 million entry fee for Boise State to join the Big East at the same time. SDSU also is required to contribute to the Big East football reserve fund. That amount currently is $264,400 and also is payable in five installments. If SDSU leaves the Big East after joining in July 2013, it forfeits all amounts.

--The Big East agrees to "facilitate discussions" between SDSU and current Big East members regarding the scheduling of two home and two away basketball games each season. This is designed to help beef up the schedule strength of the SDSU men's basketball program after it is forced to move to the Big West, a league with weaker competition.

--If SDSU decides not to join the Big East as agreed in July 2013, it must pay $5 million. That amount goes down to $1 million if the Big East experiences a 25 percent decrease in total revenue from the prior fiscal year. It also goes down to $1 million if the Big East loses its status as an automatic qualifier in the lucrative Bowl Championship Series prior to July 2013. The exception is the general elimination of all automatic qualifiers.

So, the basketball team is not guaranteed four games against their basketball team, but rather will "facilitate discussion," but I am sure they will be able to get a few games against Big East teams. I am surprised that there was not something built in that would guarantee some basketball games against Big East teams.

Overall, not too much different from Boise State's deal.

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