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If College Football Had A Playoff: No. 15 Arkansas State Vs. No. 2 Alabama

These two teams are surprisingly similar when looking at their stats for this year, however the two leagues that the Alabama Crimson Tide and Arkansas St. Red Wolves play in are polar opposites. These stats are comparable number wise but when adjusted for competition Alabama comes out way ahead Arkansas State.

This is the advantage that Alabama gets for being the No. 2 seed. Even if Gus Malzhan was the coach for Arkansas State for this game he would have a tough time putting up more than one touchdown against the Crimson Tide.

Here are the obligatory stats.

Arkansas State
36.0 PPG 33.5 PPG
433.4 Total YPG 453.1 Total YPG
219.83 Rushing YPG 165.58 Rushing YPG
213.6 Passing YPG 287.8 Passing YPG
8.8 Points allowed per game 19.3 Points allowed per game
191.3 Yards allowed per game 325.7 Yards allowed per game
74.92 Rushing yards allowed per game 107.25 Rushing yards allowed per game
116.3 Passing yards allowed per game 218.4 Passing yards allowed per game
+6 Turnover margin +6 turnover margin
2.17 Sacks per game 2.67 Sacks per game

My score prediction for this game will be Alabama 38 Arkansas State 12.

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