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If College Football Had A Playoff: No. 13 West Virginia At No. 4 Stanford Cardinal

This is an intriguing matchup between West Virginia traveling to Stanford, because I could see West Virginia and their offense keeping pace with Stanford and winning. The other possibility is that West Virginia lays an egg like they did against Syracuse on the road and get blown out.

Stanford's Andrew Luck will have his way against the West Virginia pass defense and should be the difference in this game. West Virginia will put up yards and probably points, but their defense all year has allowed teams to hang around regardless of skill.

This should be one of the more entertaining first round matchups.

West Virginia
34.9 PPG 43.6 PPG
459.6 Total YPG 480.9 Total YPG
217.75 Rushing YPG 207.92 Rushing YPG
341.8 Passing YPG 273 Passing YPG
26.3 Points allowed per game 20.3 Points allowed per game
340.2 Yards allowed per game 331.4 Yards allowed per game
140.58 Rushing yards allowed per game 90.33 Rushing yards allowed per game
243.5 Passing yards allowed per game 241.1 Passing yards allowed per game
-2 Turnover margin +6 turnover margin
2.33 Sacks per game 3.17 Sacks per game

My prediction for this game would be Stanford wins 38-28. West Virginia will put up enough points to make this interesting.

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