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Maryland Hires Mike Locksley To Be Offensive Coordinator

This is not a joke. Maryland thought it would be a good idea to hire former New Mexico Lobos head coach Mike Locksley to take over for Gary Crowton as their offensive coordinator. The odd thing is that Maryland fans love this hire. It could be that Crowton was a bad offensive coordinator (which he was) and that Locksley is some supposedly great recruiter in the D.C. area.

What some fail to point out are the massive character flaws he had. We all know about the sexual harassment/ageism suit during his first spring on campus, punching an assistant coach in the face and the latest about a recruit driving one of his cars while being drunk.

Also, Locksley was a a terrible head coach, his offensives were just awful, he never made adjustments and he could not recruit players to Albuquerque. I get bringing in good players to New Mexico is tough, but I think his title of master recruiter in the D.C. area is overblown. At his prior stops at Florida and Illinois it is not hard to get good talent there, especially at Florida.

I think his recruiting skills have more to do where he was coaching than his actual skills to bring in players. Maryland fans will soon find out that their offense will be even more plain and unproductive than it was with Gary Crowton.

Oh, and he killed an above average Mountain West program in just over two years to one of the worst in all of college football.

Have fun with Locksley Maryland fans.

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