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If College Football Had A Playoff: No. 12 Southern Miss At No. 5 Oregon Ducks

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This matchup between No. 12 Southern Miss and No. 5 Oregon will definitely feature a lot of points. There could be around 90 points for this game, both Oregon and Southern Miss have prolific offenses, Oregon more than Southern Miss, and each have average defenses. Oregon's defense is more opportunistic with a plus-nine turnover margin and average over three sacks per game while Southern Miss is at minus-two in turnover margin.

Southern Miss
46.2 PPG 37.8 PPG
515.2 Total YPG 471 Total YPG
295.69 Rushing YPG 207.77 Rushing YPG
219.50 Passing YPG 263.2 Passing YPG
23.6 Points allowed per game 21.1 Points allowed per game
381.0 Yards allowed per game 345.3 Yards allowed per game
137.46 Rushing yards allowed per game 112.62 Rushing yards allowed per game
243.5 Passing yards allowed per game 232.7 Passing yards allowed per game
+9 Turnover margin -2 turnover margin
3.31 Sacks per game 1.92 Sacks per game

There is no question to me that Oregon would win, but Southern Miss will be able to put some points. The difference will be that Oregon's defense creates turnovers and will be able to stop Southern Miss' offense more often than Southern Miss will be stopping the Oregon offense.

My final score prediction will be Oregon 56 Southern Miss 27

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