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If College Football Had A Playoff: No. 9 Wisconsin At No. 8 Kansas State

LSU easily won the first matchup, and now we move onto the No. 9 seeded Wisconsin Badgers traveling to the No. 8 seeded Kansas St. Wildcats. Kansas State is an odd team in that they score points on offense, but do not put up huge yards and their defense is an average team. It just seems that their quarterback Collin Klein gets things done either running or passing.

Even thought Kansas State is the higher seed, I think Wisconsin could out muscle them on the line of scrimmage and they have Heisman finalist Motnee Ball to run up against the Kansas State defense. However, in saying that I think Kansas State would somehow make it a close game when it is all said and done. Plus, playing at home in Manhattan, Kan., gives Kansas State a unique home field advantage.

Kansas State
33.1 PPG 44.6 PPG
343.4Total YPG 466.9 Total YPG
193.67 Rushing YPG 237.38 Rushing YPG
149.80 Passings YPG 229.5 Passing YPG
27.8 Points allowed per game 17.0 Points allowed
398.8 Yards allowed per game 292.8 Yards allowed per game
131.5 Rushing yards allowed per game 137.85 Rushing yards allowed per game
267.3 Passing yards allowed per game 155.0 Passing yards allowed per game
+13 Turnover margin +16 turnover margin
1.58 Sacks per game 1.77 Sacks per game

My official projection would have Wisconsin winning 38 to 21 over Kansas State

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