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Another Reason BCS Is Corrupt: Virginia Tech Asking Fans, Alumni To Buy Tickets So That School Won't Be Stuck With Bill

Yes the title is somewhat misleading, but ultimately it is true.

The main reason that Virginia Tech was taken over Boise State and Kansas State for the Fiesta Bowl was due to their large fan base that will snatch up a lot of tickets. Well that is not entirely the case as Virginia Tech has sold just over half of their allotment and are now asking for donors and fans who can't go to purchase tickets so that they can be donated:

The Virginia Tech Athletics Department announced today that it has sold 9,337 of its 17,500 tickets to the 2012 Allstate Sugar Bowl. Over the years, Virginia Tech has earned the reputation of being a football program that enjoys a strong following to bowl games. In order to maintain that recognition, the Athletics Department is asking Hokie fans that cannot make this year's Allstate Sugar Bowl to consider purchasing proxy tickets. Tech Director of Athletics Jim Weaver, head football coach Frank Beamer, and the entire football coaching staff, will each be purchasing a pair of proxy tickets in order to support this initiative.

All proxy tickets will be distributed to military and charitable organizations in the greater New Orleans area.

Virginia Tech is trying to make this look like a good gesture by donating tickets to local charities and military stationed in the area, however the reality is that any unsold tickets will have to be paid by the school itself. It really is a good gesture in theory, but the only reason Virginia Tech is doing this is to offset the final bill because the school will have to pay for any unsold tickets.

Just another reason why the way the BCS and bowl games are corrupt by forcing schools to buy a certain number of tickets.

Now, I can't say for sure that Boise State fans would have eaten up their allotment, but the assumption was that Virginia Tech fans would buy all allotted tickets and then some.

Enjoy bowl season all!

Then there is this from Playoff Pac


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