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If College Football Had A Playoff: No. 1 LSU Vs. No. 16 Louisiana Tech

First off, I am not going to use What If Sports, because for some reason they do not have 2011 teams to create a simulation. That is sad because it was a fun tool to use and provided some perspective on the game. So, it anyone knows a site that does simulations let me know so I can insert them in.

Remember the higher seed hosts until the semifinal round.

The first matchup features the SEC champion LSU Tigers taking on the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs who won the WAC.

Here is a statistical look at the two teams:

LSU Louisiana Tech
38.5 PPG 30.6 PPG
375.3 Total YPG 397.5 Total YPG
215.5 Rushing YPG 151.92 Rushing YPG
160.2 Passings YPG 245.6 Passing YPG
10.5 Points allowed per game 22.5 Points allowed
252.1 Yards allowed per game 374.8 Yards allowed per game
85.46 Rushing yards allowed per game 122.08 Rushing yards allowed per game
166.6 Passing yards allowed per game 252.8 Passing yards allowed per game
+22 Turnover margin +11 turnover margin
2.77 Sacks per game 2.67 Sacks per game

The only real interest in this game is that it is an in-state game, but in reality Louisiana Tech does not have much of a chance. They have a solid offense and did play Southern Miss and Houston extremely well in loses, but they also were blown out by Hawaii. The stats are misleading due to the level of competition these two teams play during the season.

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