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Texas A&M Is Interested In Boise State's Chris Petersen, According To A Report

Tell me something I didn't know. The Texas A&M Aggies just fired head coach Mike Sherman after a very disappointing 2011 football season. Texas A&M had all the talent to be a BCS title contending team but we all know aboute double-digit and second half collapses.

With Texas A&M -- and every other BCS program job in America -- job now open it is no surprise that Boise State's Chris Petersen is on the Aggies wish list to be their next head coach.


The UCLA Bruins are reportedly are offering Petersen $3 million a year to be their next head coach. Don't expect Petersen to take the UCLA job, but the Texas A&M job is quite intriguing, because Sherman recruited well and has the team stocked with talent. Sherman just could not get the wins.

There will be people who point to Dan Hawkins failures at Colorado for why Petersen shouldn't leave or Dirk Koetter who failed at Arizona State. The difference in Petersen is that he was the offensive brains Hawkins and was a big reason to why Boise State was good under Hawkins.

Texas A&M will have to back up the Brinks truck to get Petersen and even then he still may say no. On a side note my brother who is a Texas A&M graduate and has Boise State as his second favorite school said that they should offer Petersen over $5 million per year. I laughed at him because only Mack Brown at Texas makes $5 million. Texas A&M has not been an elite program in almost a decade when they upset Kanas State to win the Big 12 title back in 1998. Plus, they are heading into the SEC West of all places, and it will take a long time to get Texas A&M near the level of Alabama, Arkansas and LSU

Since then they have been an also ran. In the end Petersen would be a smart man to turn down Texas A&M, assuming he is offered.

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