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Another Plan To Build An On Campus Stadium For UNLV

Here we go again. Another plan to build an on campus stadium for UNLV has sprung up. There have been multiple projections over the past year and all have failed to move forward. The most recent project wanted to use a special tax district to fund the project, but that failed to pass through the legislature. Now, apparently the special tax district is not necessary and the stadium size is to be up to 50,000 from the previous 40,000 in prior proposals.

Here is the basics of what is going on with a new on campus stadium project:

The higher education system's Board of Regents agreed Friday to extend for another 180 days an exclusive negotiating agreement between UNLV and Majestic Realty to develop the project. Regent Mark Alden was the only regent to vote against the extension. He said he disagreed with making the agreement exclusive, given that UNLV sits on public land.

A consultant said the larger stadium gives more flexibility and doesn't limit the types of events that could attracted to Las Vegas.

Eventually, plans are to include the stadium, shopping, student housing and parking on the site, now the parking lot for the Thomas & Mack Center on the corner of Tropicana and Swenson avenues.

No public money has been spent on the project, said Gerry Bomotti, the university's senior vice president for finance and business. He said none would be spent, either.

So, basically nothing has changed except that the stadium size would be increased to 50,000 seats. The basic ideas behind the project are the same which as mentioned above include shopping, student housing and etc. This is really not new news outside of the extension, now saying there is no need for any tax payers money to pay for it and the increased in size.

If no taxpayer money would be involved it seems like a deal would be done. Until there is some sort of agreement is in place I am not going to believe there will ever be a on campus stadium for UNLV.

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