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Colorado State Names Former Ram Quarterback Jack Graham New Athletic Director

The Colorado St. Rams have found their man to replace fired athletic director Paul Kowalczyk. According to Susie Wargin of 9News (who has been all over this story) has confirmed that it will be Jack Graham:


What does this mean for Steve Fairchild? Not sure at this point, but with Graham being a major donor, player and alumni of the school. He also briefly played in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins before moving into the insurance industry.

I can see a change being made at the head coaching spot. Graham may want his own guy coaching the team, but I can not say for sure if he will give Fairchild one more year to see what he can do with an experienced team that is full of juniors and seniors on the offensive side of the ball.

Looks like Fairchild will keep his job at this time.

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