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Former Colorado State Legend Sonny Lubick Mentioned As Possible Candidate For CSU Athletic Director Job

The Colorado St. Rams have reportedly fired athletic director Paul Kowalczyk and a popular replacement is to go after former head coach Sonny Lubick. As of now, Lubick has denied being contacted by the school, but that does not mean he is not going to be the new athletic director. The football team had their best years under Lubick as he went 108-74, won five conference titles, went to nine bowl games and won three. His past five years as head coach were not good as Lubick had one winning season over his last five years, lost two bowl games.

Having Lubick back in the athletic department would be a brilliant move to bring back support to the program, specifically the football team, and who knows if Lubbick does get hired if that would buy Steve Fairchild at least another year as the head coach. There could be enough support for Lubick that the fans may tolerate another year of Fairchild. The 2012 team does bring back a lot of talent and with other teams as Boise State, Air Force and San Diego State losing talent and TCU moving to the Big 12, Colorado State could have a good year.

With the news not expected (at this time) to be about head coach Steve Fairchild the press conference is expected to officially announce the firing of Kowalczyk and possibly announce who the new athletic director will be. One other name that has surfaced is former Colorado State quarterback and current big time booster Jack Graham.

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