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Colorado State Athletic Director Paul Kowalczyk Fired According To Report, No Word On Steve Fairchild's Status

The Colorado St. Rams are holding a 1 p.m. MT press conference today for a major announcement and it is being reported by Susie Warging who is the morning sports anchor for 9News that Kowalczyk is out as athletic director. However, there the only news about the status of head coach Steve Fairchild comes from SportsbyBrooks who is saying that Fairchild is out, but nothing has come from the school or another source confirming this so take that for what it's worth.

As for Kowalczyk, he was given a five-year extension back in 2010 which would have kept him at Colorado State through 2015. As of now there is no name for a replacement but Warging is saying that Colorado State is likely going to also name a replacement for Kowalczyk. Warging contacted former Colorado State head coach Sunny Lubbick to see if he had been contacted for the job, but he has said he has not.

Stay tuned as there is likely to be more news about this leading up to and after the press conference today.

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