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Conference Realignment: Air Force Having Second Thoughts About Joining Big East

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The Big East 'West' division is possibly going to get the Boise St. Broncos join and one condition Boise State has is that there needs to be another Western team join to help minimize some of the travel costs. The Air Force Falcons have long been considered that team, and there are now talks with the BYU Cougars about joining the Big East as a football-only member

The talks with BYU could be due to the loss of the West Virginia Mountaineers or it may have something to do with Air Force not being so keen on joining the Big East. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette Air Force is keeping their options open:

Although moving the football program to the Big East is an appealing option, sources with knowledge of academy superintendent Lt. Gen. Mike Gould's thought process, who did not want their names used because Gould has not spoken publicly about realignment in weeks, said Gould might be leaning toward staying in the Mountain West.

Part of the reason that Air Force might be staying is the uncertainty of the future of the Big East's television deal, because there is no one for sure who can say how much money the league will be getting. A safe assumption would be that the new Big East television deal would be more than the Mountain West, but how much more and would it off set the expansive travel costs.

Air Force is actually doing the smart thing and doing their homework and not joining a league and then work out the details down the road.

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