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Conference Realignment: San Jose State, Utah State Being Considered

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With the Boise St. Broncos having one foot out the door and possibly the Air Force Falcons, the Mountain West could be down to eight teams by the 2013. So, in another reactionary move the Mountain West may try to get the league back to 10 members.

Commissioner Craig Thompson said there were contingency plans to add teams:

"If we were to find out that people are leaving, I'd make my recommendation to the board," Thompson said Wednesday by phone. "I have a recommendation for the board that includes several contingencies. I have not sent it but am prepared to send it if necessary."

Thompson did not mention any two schools specifically, but when he was asked about the San Jose St. Spartans and Utah St. Aggies, he did confirm that they were on his radar. That is all Thompson said about specific teams.

The two schools were mentioned as possible additions back in January, but that fell through and neither Utah State and San Jose State were added. The move to add those schools would open up more markets for the league and I guess make the Mountain West more stable. Utah State and San Jose State are improved this year, but they are still not the best addition in terms of football quality.

This move seems like just a move, because unless a move to add teams is to get back to 12 then I do not see the point of adding teams to get back to 10.

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