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Rocky Mountain Showdown Hits Moby Arena

The Colorado St. rams Rams (4-2) will take on instate rival Colorado(4-2) at Moby Arena for early season bragging rights. Last year the Rams fell in overtime on the road and look to use the home court advantage to get the victory. This will be my last post as I am moving off to the Marines again. I am glad its a rival game like CU, I always hated CU the most. Let's get to the Rams.

The Rams when winning have done it though team offense and defense. There are no big stars on this team. They rebound very well for a small team. The Rams are packed with hustle players that Tim Miles gets the most of. It is probably the most exciting basketball team to root for since I moved to Fort Collins in 2007. They will be frustrating when they lose cause it will be obvious they are missing a big scorer, but the effort will stay the same. Two weeks ago against Stanford down late they stopped Stanford from scoring for 5+ minutes. The Rams couldn't capitalize by scoring their own points but it showed the no quit attitude. Hint Hint Rams Football.

Dorian Green, Wes Eikmeier, and Greg Smith all average above 10 points a game. Eikmeier leads the group at 17ppg. Pierce Hornung is averaging 2 steals and a block a game while shooing 61% from the field. Smith, Green, Hornung all come from the same recruiting class put together by Miles. Kaipo Sabas is starting to earn a few more minutes as a 3 point specialist going 8-10 the last two games.

This isn't the best Rams team ever, but they are fun to root for. If I can ask one little favor Rams, a thank you gift for blogging about you the last few years, beat the crap out of the Buffs! Go State!