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College Football Week 14 Rankings: TCU Still On The Outside Of Coveted No. 16 Spot

The rankings for the polls are out and the BCS standings are the most important and the TCU Horned Frogs moved to the No. 17 spot which is one spots behind where they need to be to ear the automatic bid for the non-AQ's plus Houston has to lose. There will be another full post breakdown of their chances as well as Boise State's. The simple way for TCU to move to No. 16 is to have Georgia lose the SEC title game as expected and that should put TCU at No. 16. Baylor could conceivably move past TCU since the computers love the Big 12 and Baylor plays Texas which is a much stronger opponent than UNLV.

As for Boise State they stay stagnent at No. 7 as Houston jumps them and Arkansas drops below them. Their BCS chances are extremely unlikely, but if Virginia Tech and Oklahoma State lose that could propel Boise State to No. 5. Who knows if a bowl game would want to pass up that highly ranked of a team.

Full polls after the jump.

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