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Conference Realignment: Boise State Not Sold On The Big East

It looks like the Boise St. Broncos may not bee so keen on joining the Big East conference.University president Bob Kustra has the power to accept an invitation for Boise State to join another league, but it looks like with the Big East on shaky ground that Kustra is having second thoughts. This latest comes from Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News and come from recent phone calls that Wilner has had.

Wilner also goes onto say that some Big East athletic directors think that Rutgers and UConn are going to head to the ACC, and losing those two teams should be the final death blow to the Big East. Had the Big East been able to land BYU things could have been different, but if Boise State says no then San Diego State would presumably say no as well.

It likes anything and everything is an option at this point for Boise State and the Big East.

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