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Conference Realignment: San Diego State Could Head To Big East If BYU, Big East Can Not Reach A Deal

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More Big East expansion talk, ya!

Well, this time it involves former Mountain West team the BYU Cougars who apparently are being stubborn by wanting to keep their home tv rights and leave the league without a penalty if the Big East loses their BCS status:

"BYU was insisting on two things that would never be agreed to by the Big East:

(1) BYU wanted to retain the television rights to all BYU home games, and (2) BYU wanted the ability to leave and take all its television rights with them if the Big East lost AQ status, even if the Big East lost it because AQ status was eliminated," the source told the Deseret News.

"In essence, BYU wanted to only partially join the Big East and get a preferential exit if they did not like it or things changed. The Big East would not be able to get the existing Big East teams to agree to this scenario, and it is unlikely the new ones would either. Those conditions would also hurt the Big East in television contract renegotiations.

So, unless BYU changes their tune they will not be joining the Big East, and it is becoming more clear to why the Big 12 did not pursue BYU harder. Also at least to me, BYU officials lied to their fans by saying that Sunday play was the reason to not join the Big 12, because if Sunday play was the real issue then there is no way that it would have gotten to television negotiations.

Now it looks like all of San Diego State's openly trying to get to a new league may finally pay off, because according to Dick Harmon of the Desert News San Diego State will be the next option if the Big East and BYU can not come to an agreement.


So, it comes down if BYU will give up some of their television rights, or if the Big East caves to get a well-known name into their league. Also, Bois State who has received permission to change leagues would be fine with adding San Diego State as a Western division partner. 

This could been drawn out about 10 days, because the Big East is going to work with BYU over that time to see if the two sides can come to an agreement.

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