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BCS Rankings Projections, Week 13: TCU Fighting For The No. 16 Spot

First order of business, the night games of Week 12 were amazingly awesome in the general scope of college football, well except for Boise State who did their thing and rolled over San Diego State. So, Bronco fans are to only shake their head and think about what could have been since so many teams did not survive the weekend. Also, it seems inevitable that there will be an all-SEC BCS title game.

TCU is still expected to be just short of the No. 16 spot which would put them in position to earn a BCS spot, but they really need the Houston Cougars to lose to Tulsa or to either Southern Miss or Marshall (TCU fans better hope it's not Marshall, last score between these teams was 63-28) in the Conference USA title game.

Boise State is expected to move up to No. 9, but would be behind Oklahoma who has two loses with one of those being to pathetic Texas Tech.

Week 13 Projected BCS Standings:

1. LSU
2. Alabama
3. Arkansas
4. Oklahoma State
5. Stanford
6. Virginia Tech
7. Oklahoma
8. Oregon
9. Boise State
10. Houston
11. South Carolina
12. Kansas State
13. Michigan State
14. Georgia
15. Michigan

Check back later today or tomorrow as I put together a similar post last week about Boise State's and TCU's BCS bowl chances. 

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