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Off Topic: JD And His Service Dog Magpie

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First off sorry about no show tonight, I know EVERYONE was waiting for a show, but I am sick and Jacob had something last minute as well. However, even if I wasn't sick I would have had to cancel since I had to go to the ER for Deeds who fell in the driveway and a few teeth were pushed back. He is fine we are going to the dentist tomorrow for some x-rays.

However, the main point of this post is that I want to thank everyone who helped spread the word and donate for my little boy Deeds get his service dog. A local news channel came to film JD and his dog Magpie, so I wanted to share with all and thank everyone.

The news of course makes it sound over dramatic with JD's brain damage, which we found when he had his first seizures about a year ago and he his high functioning in regards with his autism but none of that is really shown. The dog can sense seizures and let me and my wife know by barking, nudge JD if he does repetitive motions plus can track and find JD if he wanders off by himself.

There is a 15 second or so ad before the actual video.

Part 1


Part 2