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Even The Albuquerque Media Thought Mike Leach Was An Option To Be Next New Mexico Head Coach

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OK now that you have stopped laughing from the title.

After speaking to folks on twitter and reading news ouf of  Albuquerque, it is clear to me that the local media that covers New Mexico Lobos football is just as delusional as the fans. An logical fan would know that hiring Mike Leach was never going to happen, but that did not stop fans from demanding Leach be brought on to replace Mike Locksley.

I found a few examples today of how out there their local media is just crazy, this first example comes from the Albuquerque Journal, on a side note they are not the smartest bunch. Their site is subscription based but if you subscribe to their feed the whole article comes through.

Example one from the ABQ Journal:

Nothing against Bob Davie. I'm sure he's a fine fellow. He ran solid schemes at Notre Dame, emphasizing the running game and aggressive defense. But it's too bad Leach is not coming. It's too bad because Leach sees merit in New Mexico.

"It's a good job," Leach said by phone Tuesday night. "Anybody would be excited about it."

Including Mike Leach?

"I don't want to go into that," he said.

Certainly he's heard the talk.

"No, not really," he said. "There's just some murmuring."

But you do think it's a good job. Why's that?

"Well, unless Albuquerque has changed," he said. "It's a great place with great weather, great people. I've passed through a bunch. It's a place you can do something with."
When asked what it would take to bring UNM from the ashes, Leach said: "Everybody pulling together, utilizing their talents."Leach will not bring his talents here.

Bob Davie is the guy. Solid, steady Bob Davie.

Leach would have been more fun.

I think this reporter is reading way too much into Leach's comments. Maybe this reporter did not realize that some people are just being polite. Leach does not want to burn any bridges and publicly say that the New Mexico job is a pile of garbage. The only real comments were that Leach said New Mexico has nice weather. 

Here is another example of the media just being stupid thanks to @albolte for passing this video along and a reasonable UNM fan.

For fans to do it is one thing (I have one of those below too) but for a newspaper and radio station to really think Leach would have to New Mexico did not have their heads on straight.

Here is a fan video from the Red Menace, apparently it is New Mexico's version of the Oakland Raiders "Black Hole," their words not mine:

Don't get me wrong it would have been interesting to see if Mike Leach could build New Mexico into at least a shell of what he did at Texas Tech, but he is better than this job and will land a fairly high profile job once his lawsuits are resolved.

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