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Road To The BCS: Boise State Could Move Up

This feature has been absent the past two weeks, and the results did not help Boise State move up into the BCS. However, this week we could see some improvement with Boise State's position, or possibly make it worse. As always I cheer for BCS chaos, so Houston keep winning and every other BCS league loses a game.

No. 2 Oklahoma St. Cowboys vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders 3:30 p.m. ET (ABC Regional/ESPN3)

Texas Tech did just lose at home to the Iowa St. Cyclones 41-7 two weeks ago, but the Tech offense is good and they did beat Oklahoma earlier this year. Also, consider that Oklahoma State's defense is bad, they are 110th in total defense and 99th in passing defense. Oklahoma State's offense is just as good as Tech's and can put up points, so expect this to be an epic Big 12 shootout.

What they are saying: Ultimately, I think the key matchup here is Weeden & Company vs. the Texas Tech Defense. If the Red Raiders can't play better than 34 points and stop the run, they have very little chance of escaping with a W. Oklahoma State will keep the ball on the ground more than usual this week and run away with this one. Final Score? 56-24 -- Cowboys Ride for Free.

What they are saying: I fully believe that the Texas Tech offense needs to be running on all cylinders this week. Not really a shocking statement considering how bad the defense has been for almost the entire season, but the offense can't afford to falter. That's problematic and I think that the offense feels the pressure to score each and every time they have the ball and although that's the expectation, the truth is that it's not realistic and with that added pressure knowing that if you don't score, it's likely that the defense is going to give up a score makes the offense press, which is why I think you're seeing more penalties along the line. Even though there is that added pressure, QB Seth Doege does need to be better inside the redzone. That was one of the stats touted last week during the game was the fact that Texas Tech was so good in the redzone throughout the year, but after last week and the inability of the offense to generate much, if anything, my faith is shaken and I'd guess that they're questioning themselves as well.  -- Double T-Nation.

Rooting interest: Texas Tech, obviously. 

No. 7 Oregon Ducks at No. 4 Stanford Cardinal 8 p.m. ET (ABC)

Stanford is out two key receivers and a tight end so the offense may not be as prolific as usual, however quarterback Andrew Luck is just awesome and can make things happen. Plus, Stanford has a great running game with Stepfan Taylor who has 891 yards and eight touchdowns on the year. The game being in Palo Alto, Calif., is a big edge for Stanford, well mainly because it is not at Autzen Stadium.

Oregon has their key player who happens to be a Heisman Trophy finalist from last year as Luck was with running back LaMichael James who leads the nation in rushing. Stanford boasts the No. 18 defense and will be a challenge for Oregon, however this Oregon offense compares to nothing that Stanford has seen this year.

What they are saying: Oregon needs to do what Oregon does best: run the football. Stanford does not have the size or talent on the defensive line to do what LSU did earlier in the year, or Auburn and Cal did last year. Get the ball to LMJ, Kenjon, and DAT in space, and watch them gash the Cardinal defense for big gains. The Cardinal are disciplined, so we will see some negative plays, but Stanford doesn't have the speed to catch the Oregon backfield once they get going. Further, the only decent offensive line Stanford has played was USC, who just shredded the Cardinal. Oregon's line isn't going to be giving up significant penetration. -- Addicted to Quack.

What they are saying: In all likelihood, Stanford's defense will break more often than usual on Saturday. That's not an indictment of a unit that has held opponents to less than 17 points per game. It's just foolish to expect any defense to shut down Chip Kelly's crazy good offense, which put up 27 points in its season-opening loss to immovable LSU. (When they're not playing Stanford, the Ducks are a joy to watch, preferably with some Dramamine.) LaMichael James, Kenjon Barner, and De'Anthony Thomas form the scariest trio of running backs in the country, while Stanford, with Stepfan Taylor, Anthony Wilkerson, Tyler Gaffney, and Jeremy Stewart, boasts one of the most fearsome and unheralded foursomes. -- Rule of Tree.

Rooting interest: This is tough because a Stanford win keeps them easily ahead of Boise State, however an Oregon win might actually allow Oregon to jump Boise State even if they beat a ranked TCU Horned Frog team. Ultimately I'll go with Oregon, because the more one-loss teams should help Boise State in the long run.

The best case scenario for this week would be for both Oregon and Texas Tech to win, because Oregon would not move up to No. 3 in the rankings from No. 7, but assuming Boise State wins they should easily move into the No. 3 spot. If that happens Nos. 1 and 2 would be yet again LSU and Alabama.

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