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Myths About San Diego State And Big East

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We all know that San Diego State is tried to convince the Big 12 to consider the Aztecs and more recently trying to be the Western partner to Boise State since Air Force is having cold feet about joining the Big East.

Over at the entertaining and informative San Diego State-centric blog Aztecs Killing Him, they put together a list of myths to why a move to the Big East for football-only is a not bad move and as to not steal everything they wrote I'll include the myths, but head to their site for the commentary. I will address these myself below the list:

Myth 1 — The Big East might lose its AQ status, making it risky to go there now.

Myth 2 — Dude, The Big East? We’re in the west meaning all those other school are, like, far away and stuff. All that travel would suck balls.

Myth 3 — If we go football-only to the Big East we would be sacrificing basketball on the altar by sending them to the Big West.

Myth 4 — If we have to put basketball in the Big West, we would get no good recruits ever again.

Myth 5 — San Diego fans would never show up to watch Big West basketball.

Myth 6 — Whoring yourself out to the Big East in hopes of a bigger payday is nothing but a cynical, desperate move that tries to profit at the expense of our traditional rivals, thus making us no better than BYU and the other teams we have derided in the past for behaving in a similar fashion.

Again, below are my answers to the myths. Head over to AKH for their comments.

Myth 1
- Maybe, maybe not depends on who you listen to. The one thing is for certain is that the television deal should easily trump what the Mountain West is getting.

Myth 2
- Not really, assuming  eight conference games, four at home and four on the rode. Being in a Western division with Boise State, Houston, SMU, Louisville and Cincinnati. The Big East most likely split Louisville and Cincinnati as well as Houston and SMU. Both Houston and SMU (in Dallas) is basically the same distance to TCU. Out of the three games against the East division would be a long haul but there would be alternating one or two East coast trips per year. Really at most three trips would be to the actual East coast and sometimes two. So, the travel is not a big difference as some think.

Myth 3 -
Yes, but they would dominant that league easily. Plus, the Big West is not completely terrible. Also, they would save cash by busing to most of the games since every school is in California outside of Hawaii. Just don't expect to go to the NCAA tournament as an at-large.

Myth 4 -
I'll say yes, however if San Diego State can position themselves like Gonzaga and win the Big West year after year and make NCAA tournament runs then they will get top-notch recruits.

Myth 5 -
In my experience, SDSU has a great student section and will show up. Attendance could dip if they play bad teams, but there will always be support for home games.

Myth 6 -
Whoring out? Yes, but not like BYU who did everything behind closed doors. At least San Diego State has been open and honest about pitching to the Big 12 and Big East.

What are you thoughts about these myths?

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