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Conference Realignment: Boise State Could Join Big East On Friday, According To A Report

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Early on Tuesday, it was being reported that the Big East presidents voted unanimously to expand, and the teams who are getting invites are the Boise St. Broncos, Air Force Falcons, Navy Midshipmen, SMU Mustangs, Houston Cougars and Central Florida Knights.

Now, according to's Brent McMurphy is saying that Boise State could be joining the league as early as Friday (via Big East Coast  Bias):

Nationally ranked Boise State and Houston along with SMU and UCF could be added as Big East members by Friday, college football industry sources told

On Tuesday in Philadelphia, the Big East's presidents and chancellors authorized league commissioner John Marinatto to issue invitations to those schools - along with Navy and Air Force - sources said.

However, Boise State, Houston, SMU and UCF prefer to be announced as league members together and must wait until Boise State's board meeting on Thursday. There have been no "official invitations" extended to the schools, but Marinatto has been in constant contact and spoke to representatives of all six schools after Tuesday's meeting.

Boise State would join as a football-only member, while UCF, SMU and Houston would join as all-sport members beginning either next season or in 2013.

That still leaves Air Force and Navy and according to McMurphy, Navy is "definitely in" and Air Force is expected to join the Big East once Navy says they are in. Air Force also has said recently that they do not want to pay the Mountain West exit fee and if they join will do so in 2013. The Big East would be fine with teams joining in 2013 since they are expecting West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Syracuse to stay in the league and honor their 27-month exit commitment.

The Big East also has said they want to get to 12 teams and with West Virginia they need another team and it could be forme Mountain West school BYU or Temple:

Adding those six teams would give the Big East four "western" teams (Boise State, Houston, SMU, and Air Force) and would leave it in need of one more team to get to twelve. The most likely candidates for the final spot appear to be Temple and BYU. BYU would bring broad national appeal and another western team that would minimize travel for those teams. The challenge with BYU is folding its television contract in with the new television deal that will be negotiated next year. Temple faces opposition from current Big East member Villanova, which does not want another school from the same city playing Big East football, something it would like the opportunity to do. Temple is in a large television market and just so happens to be located in the home of Comcast, a possible television partner for the Big East going forward.

It would make sense for Boise State and Air Force to try to get BYU to join the Big East, just to allow another team out West to help minimize travel.

Again, as for Big East expansion news, nothing is done until it is done, and as of this time the only certain thing we know is that the Big East presidents all voted to expand. As for Boise State and these schools joining the Big East on 

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