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Air Force Is Seriously Considering Football-Only Membership With The Mountain West

This completely blindsided me tonight while recording the podcast as I randomly searched SB Nation Denver for something. Apparently for some odd reason Air Force is considering moving their non-football sports away from the Mountain West Conference. Moving their football program to the Big East is still in play and it would possibly make the move if Navy joins as well, but that is looking less of a possibility as Navy wants the Big East to become more stable.

That news we already knew, but the decision to possibly move their non-football sports out of the Mountain West came out of nowhere:

Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson confirmed the discussions between himself and Air Force. The Missouri Valley Conference would be the most likely destination for Air Force's non-football sports if it pulls those programs out of the Mountain West.


Thompson said he has discussed the option of Air Force's Olympic sports leaving the Mountain West with Lt. Gen. Mike Gould, the academy's superintendent, and athletic director Hans Mueh. Thompson said there is a chance Air Force remains in the Mountain West in all sports. However, it appears Air Force is serious about a major shift for its Olympic sports, as it also considers its football options.

The reason behind the idea to move the non-football sports is due to the lack of success they are having. Only the football program had a winning record out of all of the sports during the 2010-11 seasons. The Missouri Valley Conference and the West Coast Conference are the most likely destinations if a move is made. 

I really do not know what to make of this, I guess that Air Force wants to have success in all sports and that is not happening in the Mountain West. The Missouri Valley Conference would provide very little relief for the men's basketball team as the MVC is almost similar to the Mountain West. The WCC makes more sense, especially if BYU stays in the league, but I have to wonder if WCC is being mentioned because BYU maybe on their way out of the WCC to join the Big 12.

This has to be the most bizarre twist in conference realignment.

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