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Geraldo Boldewijn Is Reinstated, Details Emerge About His And Cedric Febis' Suspension

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The month-plus inquiry from the NCAA to Boise State about wide receiver Geraldo Boldewijn, defensive back Cedric Febis and defensive lineman Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe is nearing an end and we have some answers. Tjong-A-Tjoe is still suspended and details for his suspension have not been released, however for Febis and Boldewijn we have some information. Febis was able to return to Boise State just over two weeks ago and Boldewijn will make his 2011 debut this friday night against Fresno State.

Here are the details about each players suspension and the process, via the Idaho Statesman:

- Boldewijn's $700 penalty was for impermissible use of a 1990 Toyota Camry with 177,000 miles and driver's insurance coverage.

- Febis paid a $20 penalty to charity, representing the value of his impermissible benefits.

- In each case, Boise State, the Mountain West and the NCAA have concluded that the violations involved are secondary ("isolated and inadvertent"), so no major case proceeding will result from the investigation.

- The case began on Aug. 23. The NCAA called Boise State and informed the school of alleged violations involving the three Dutch players. Boise State was directed to investigate, and did so immediately. All three players were found to have received impermissible benefits.

So, Febis got a one-game suspension over only $20? Really NCAA, that seems a bit petty, because the difference between Febis and Boldewijn is 35 times and his suspension was four games. Also, I think Boldewijn's suspension is one game too many since former Georgia Bulldog A.J. Green received a four-game suspension for selling his jersey for just under $1,000.

Should using this car really be classified as impermissible benefits:



Getting back Boldewijn should only bolster an already solid receiving corp for Boise State and give them the deep threat that they have been missing this season.

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