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Game Recap: UNLV upsets Colorado State, 38-35

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It was no secret that UNLV football was in a state of disarray. The Rebels had dropped 3 straight after their improbable upset of Hawaii, all in embarassing fashion. Colorado State was supposed to get a win to get back on track in their quest for a bowl game with what was supposed to be an easy win. Nobody told UNLV.
Dionza Bradford led the surprisingly good UNLV rushing attack with 21 carries for 122 yards and one touchdown on the evening. Tim Cornett also added 67 yards on 11 carries for the Rebels. Caleb Herring relieved Sean Reilly in the first quarter following an interception thrown by Reilly and finished with 90 yards and 2 touchdowns on 9/13 passing. All this contributed to the UNLV offense rushing for almost 250 yards and scoring 38 points in what was a tight game.
As for the Colorado State offense, Pete Thomas had a decent game for the Rams with 230 yards and a touchdown on 17/30 passing. The running game finally got off the ground, as Chris Nwoke rushed for 156 yards and a touchdown on 23 carries, but that isn't much of an accomplishment when you play UNLV.
The bottom line from this game is that Colorado State should have taken care of business against UNLV and weren't able to finish the deal. Steve Fairchild's seat has to be getting pretty hot at this point now that the Rams have played 7 winnable games and are 3-5 with losses to UNLV, San Jose State, and a one-win Colorado team (that win did come against Colorado State).

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