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BCS Rankings Week 10 Projections: Boise State Expected To Drop To No. 5

The Boise St. Broncos are looking to be the biggest winners in the BCS rankings while sitting at home on their couch on a bye week. Had the Stanford Cardinal loss to the USC Trojans they would have had an even bigger weekend. Having the Clemson Tigers loss helped Boise State in the BCS rankings, but with Stanford winning Boise State is expected to drop to the No. 5. 

Here are the Week 10 BCS projections:

1. LSU
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma State
4. Stanford
5. Boise State
6. Oklahoma
7. Oregon
8. Arkansas
9. South Carolina
10. Virginia Tech
11. Nebraska
12. Houston
13. Michigan
14. Kansas State
15. Penn State



Here is the BCS Guru's take on Boise State:

The Broncos' toughest task thus will be fending off the one-loss major conference teams in the BCS Standings. The price for Boise State's benign remaining schedule is that its computer ratings will slide a bit - though not as significantly as some might think. Its bigger problem will be the mercurial voters, as a number of them perpetually lower Boise State's ranking based on the perception that it hasn't played anybody.

The one "somebody" the Broncos did play, though, is doing its part to help Boise State's cause. Georgia, with a Cocktail victory over Florida - its first in four years - is now in position to win the SEC East. Each Bulldogs victory not only buoys Boise State in the computer ratings, it helps defining the Broncos' quality for the more open-minded voters. After all, Georgia was whipped in a virtual home game by Boise, a contest that's not nearly as close as the 35-21 final score suggested.

Boise State will need help from Georgia as mentioned above, bu also TCU who has a shot to move into the BCS rankings this week. If TCU is not in this week they will be very close and help Boise State's strength of schedule down the stretch, assuming TCU keeps winning. 

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