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Geraldo Boldewijn Rejoins Team After Serving Four-Game Suspension For Unknown Eligibility Issues

Boise State wide receiver Geraldo Boldewijn is returning from a four-game suspension as the NCAA reviewed his eligibility, Boldewijn was suspended along side safety Cedric Febbis and defensive lineman Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe. All are from Amsterdam and were suspended for eligibility issues, but the exact details are unknown. Febis has already been reinstated but Tjong-A-Tjoe is still suspended.

Boldewijn was cleared Friday, but he was required to sit out four games and there was no clear answer outside of the NCAA saying that the suspension was due to eligibility concerns.

Getting Boldewijn back will help Boise State with a deep passing game, not that they really needed him so far in the season. Kellen Moore is excited to have Boldewijn back in the lineup:

"It'll be fun," senior quarterback Kellen Moore said. "Geraldo, he deserves some opportunities and finally they're here. We'll be excited to get him out there. He brings some stuff that probably some other guys can't."

Now the Broncos wait to see when Tjong-A-Tjoe can return to the lineup.

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