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Boise State, Air Force Could Earn $8 - $10 Million Per Season If They Join Big East

Big East Commissioner John Marinatto made trips to Boise State and Air Force to make a pitch about joining their league and it is coming out that the increase in revenue could be as much as $8 - $10 million per year


That would be a large increase from just under the $2 million per year that Mountain West schools earn from the television contract. That is a large increase and would help with Boise State's stadium expansions and other on projects on campus for both schools. However, that amount would not be as much for traveling out East for four or five conference games, but the projected amount would still be a substantial bump in pay. 

Who knows what will happen with all this expansion stuff, but there is some progress with Marinatto actually came out to visit the two schools. Still, we wait.

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