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Colorado State Travels to UTEP : Mid-Season Preview/Review

The Colorado State Rams will renew a WAC rivalry when they face off against the UTEP Miners.  Over at Miner Rush there is a great game preview so check that out.  That preview follows a more traditional look.  I am going to take a step back since we are at the half way mark and see where the Rams are compared to preseason expectations.

The Rams sit at 3-3 (1-1) at the six game mark putting them three wins away from a bowl game.  Let's go off my best case worst case preview early in the year.

My best case has the Rams at 5-1 coming off a Boise St loss either way.  My worst case had the Rams at 3-3 which is where the Rams are.  I had it a bit off with their losses coming from Boise St, Colorado, and Utah State.  I thought San Jose St was a sure win.  But I'll be damned if the Rams didn't want to tackle anyone that day and put up the stinker of the season.  Yes that was worse then getting beat by 50 by Boise St, ask Fresno State it happens.

How the Rams got too 3-3 though is a lot different then one would imagine.  The offense is average on its best drives and poor on most.  The defense is sacking every quarterback in sight, but can't tackle a running back to save a life.  Most expected Pete Thomas to break out, instead he is the master of the 3rd and 11 screen pass.  Most expected the pass rush to be a weakness, the Rams are getting 3.3 sacks a game.   The injuries are the elephant in the corner of the room.  The Rams have had a starters and backups dropping like flies.  The secondary seems to be the only unit not touched yet.  The linebackers and defensive line have been hit the hardest.  The offensive line lost Paul Madsen last week to not be out done in the training room.

My suggested changes for the Rams is to give the majority of carries to Chris NwokeRaymond Carter should be a back up and limit his chances of fumbling.   Keep stretching the field, limit the screen passes to a couple a game instead of couple a drive.  Crockett Gillmore.   Use the team speed you have gotten through recruiting Florida and Texas. 

On defense just prey Austin Grey looks better then last week and that Mike Orakpo and Mychal Sisson get miracle cures and can get back on the field asap.

My worst case has the Rams winning one more game this year at UNLV and pulling to 4-8.  Best case puts them at 7-5 and a bowl game.  My prediction is 6-6 and still in line with my final realistic prediction, but they need to steal a win down in El Paso this weekend for that to come true.  The bowl dream isn't gone but its getting farther away with each hurt player and wasted offensive drive.