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Conference Realignment: Hurry It Up, Oh And Missouri Officially Seeking A New League

Late last week and into Monday the Big East was reportedly sending out invites to five schools that included the Air Force Falcons and the Boise St. Broncos, and by flipping through my calendar today is Friday. Plus, the news regarding Big East expansion has been very little with the only thing being reported about invites was that the Houston Cougars have an invite from the Big East, but those are just reports.

This expansion stuff is getting out of control and who knows if the sources are giving out false information or that this information is correct that is leaking out and the higher ups in the Big East are changing plans on the fly and want to make the announcement themselves and break the news, or the Big East might be waiting on what Missouri will do.

Missouri has finally decided something and that is they have officially announced they will be seeking a new conference (SEC!).

All I know is that I am tired of this being dragged out and want some sort of resolution until January, but it now seems that progress will still be going at a snails pace.

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