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Thank You, Finally Getting Deeds His Service Dog

A programming note for the next two weeks on the site. I will be out of town from Monday Oct. 24 - Nov. 5 as I am heading to Ohio to go pick up his service dog for my son, and we will be going through training. The dog will help alert us if he does have a seizure, his are mild and few and far between which is good, the dog is trained in search and rescue if Deeds does happen to take off in public and other things to help with his autism.

I would also like to thank everyone who helped spread the word back in December when I asked for help. The response was overwhelming and my family was able to raise the funds in only three weeks from the help of everyone on this site and across the network here.

Without everyone's help it could have taken well over a year to get the dog instead of the 10 months which has been a long time itself. The classes are about every six weeks and when we raised everything in late December and assumed we would be getting the dog before the summer months since that is when we are outdoors more, but the class is starting this Tuesday. So, had it even taken a few months to get everything raised we would still be waiting. If you want to know more about Deeds head over here.

Back to business for the next two weeks, I obviously will be preoccupied however with the amount of great writers on this site they will keep everything running well. The podcast will still be churning out episodes with RebelFan1 and with GreekPadre filling in for me on the show.

So, just do your thing reading the site and commenting as usual, and most importantly thanks for the help.