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TCU's Gary Patterson Calls New Mexico 'A Dangerous Team'

The TCU Horned Frogs were on a bye this week, but when head coach Gary Patterson talked about his upcoming opponents the New Mexico Lobos he made them sound as if they were an actually FBS football team and could cause trouble for TCU. We know the TCU defense is not up to its normal standard this year, but New Mexico's offense is just awful. That is what makes these quotes from Patterson seem silly:

TCU coach Gary Patterson called New Mexico "a dangerous team"

"Their wide receivers are really good," Patterson said. "They're the No. 2 throwing team in the league."

"They're freakin' good," Patterson said. "They're a lot better football team than they were their first six games."

Slow down there GP, New Mexico's passing offense is second in the Mountain West -- 56th in the nation -- but part of that has to do to the Lobos trailing in nearly every game and having to play catchup. So, I guess since TCU's secondary is bad that New Mexico might have a small chance to do some damage. The Lobos do have freshman wide receiver Deon Long who is a nice receiver, but the quarterbacks can not get him the ball.

Did Patterson not at least look at a box score of the loss to Nevada where New Mexico threw for under 100 between two quarterbacks and lost 49-7, or that on the season they are 119th in scoring defense and 100th in scoring offense.

Even with TCU down this year there should be no reason for the Horned Frogs to be all that concerned with New Mexico, and I guess Patterson is just trying to motivate his team.

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