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Conference Realignment: Big East Not Expected To Send Out Invites Until Wednesday At The Earliest

The expected invites that were reported to be sent out on Monday, now may not be delivered until Wednesday at the earliest. The first reason is because there has yet to be an official vote approving the exit penalty from $5 million to $10 million, which is expected to pass. However, the main reason for the delay in the invites is to not overshadow basketball media days:

The league does not want talk of expansion to overshadow the basketball players and coaches, so no invitations will be extended before Wednesday, the source made clear. Basketball is what the Big East was built on, though the rich blood of football money is what will keep it thriving.

The same source also mentioned that the league is assuming the invites they send out will be accepted:

The source also said The Post's Saturday report that the league was confident it would land Boise State and Air Force from the Mountain West and Central Florida, SMU and Houston from Conference USA was on target. Those two conferences announced a mega-football alliance on Friday.

The only thing that is certain is that with the raised exit fee, Navy has an agreement in place to join the Big East and with Navy on board that should help Air Force's decision to decide if they are going to join the Big East.

So for now, we wait until at least Wednesday to see what is to happen.

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